Hey sis, you look different – Bro Sis Sex

The Plight Of An Average Bro With A Super Sexy Sister

You always saw her as the annoying dork, the pain in the ass, the bratty little daughter spoiled by your parents. Yes, she is your sister. But you never fantasized about her because you thought she was plain disgusting. Always telling on you to your parents, always complaining, throwing tantrums. 

Summer is here, you were off to a different city. FINALLY ! Getting a break from that annoying little brat. You set your eyes on a hot ass babe, with a fine rack and all the junk in the right places. She plays hard to get. You swoon over her and jerk your meat multiple times a day thinking of how it would feel to have her ride your cock, say your name & squeeze her tits together while you jizz all over them. 

Summer is over, you’re back home.

But something is different now, there is something different about the air in the house. It smells like a freshly turned 18 year old pussy.

Your sister is a bomb shell now, tits grew 2 cups bigger and her ass popped like she is related to the kardashians. All of a sudden your summer crush has evaporated. You have an awkward boner infront of your parents as soon as you see your sister. 

You rush to your room, jerk that meat. Your brain full of vile ideas of how you’d take her virginity, how you’d fuck her tight ass, grab her perky teen tits and motor boat them all day. Imagine her on your cock, grab her bra and jerk off into that. 

Guess what, your sister caught you in the act. And you thought she’d be furious. But guess what.. She isn’t.

Some People Want TO Keep It The Fun In THE FAMILY



“You practically grew up with her, but now there is something different about her”

She ain’t the annoying ugly little brat anymore, she is a BABE who needs some pounding.

Is it wrong?

Maybe…Maybe not

But is it wrong to fantasize about it?